Metal+Oil Painting Experiment

Close up

Hey guys!  It’s finally Spring Break so I thought that I’d take the time to finish a piece that I’d actually started almost a year ago.  Before starting, I was kind of nervous, because, for one, the base was done with oil paint, which I wasn’t very experienced with, and, on top of that, I’d be embellishing it with metal, which was also new to me.


Textured layers of metal feathers

After sketching out my idea, I painted the background and the girl in oil paint.  Then, using a roll of metallic foil, I cut and embossed little feathers for the dress.  Let me just say that metal cuts hurt much worse than paper cuts.  Next, I glued the feathers onto the canvas with hot glue.  During this step, be careful, because the heat of the hot glue and conductivity of the metal will result in many cuts and burns.  Also, after applying the glue, act fast, as the glue will dry quickly if you don’t place the pieces down fast enough.

Metallic Haute Couture– Oil Paint and Metal

Overall, regardless of all the cuts and burns that my fingers had to endure, this was a really fun piece, and I learned a lot about oil painting and working with metal in art.



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  1. Your talent and the hardwork shows in your work dear..its amazing!
    Wish you all the best.. keep flying higher and keep inspiring…


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