Winner of the FIDM Fashion Club Sketch Contest!

Hello everyone!  In our technology-based world, social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, are an amazing platform for artists to share, sell, and promote their work.  Recently, I posted a couple of fashion illustrations that I did on my Instagram (@shreyachalapalli), tagging the FIDM Fashion Cub, and ended up being discovered by them.  Since they... Continue Reading →


Step-by-Step Fashion Illustration

Hi everybody!  Summer break is finally here, so I decided to make a step-by-step tutorial on how I make my fashion illustrations. Finished Piece

First Painting Sold!

Hey everyone!  I recently sold a new painting a few weeks ago, titled "Botanical," so I decided to share with you guys how I made it.  This piece was done as a color study in school, using an analogous color scheme consisting of red-violet, violet, and blue-violet.  Before starting, I took some notes on painting(acrylic)... Continue Reading →

Jr. VASE 2018

    .Hi everyone!  Last-last weekend was Jr. VASE, which is an art competition between middle school art students all across our region, and I'm super excited to share that, this year, I won two platinum(highest level) medals!  Going there and competing was an amazing experience, as it gave me the opportunity to talk about... Continue Reading →

New Oil Painting

Hey guys!  I just finished another new oil painting recently, called "The Art Desk."  I made it to try to get more comfortable with the medium, as I'm still fairly new to it.  The piece is done of a collection of random things that I usually have laying around on my art desk. After experimenting with... Continue Reading →

2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

If you're anything like me, you've probably spent the better part of this month obsessing over the Winter Olympics, which were hosted in Pyeongchang this year.  This year's winter games took us through many ups and downs, victories and losses, but, in the end, it brought people from all different countries and backgrounds together, unifying... Continue Reading →

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